söndag 18 oktober 2009

59 days left..

To make my very dear friend frida happy (and possibly the only person reading my blog) I've decided to write an entry =)

I spent all of today writing a psychology report and even though I've spent hours on it im far from satisfied with the results.. good thing its not the final draft!!!

on friday im going to turkey =) and hopefully ill be able 2 relax some.. though with the pile of assignments that i have im affraid ill have to stay in my hotel room to study all day long...
even if i have to that wont happen but still

im gonna go make some tea now and study some physics before i go 2 bed =)
see yaaaaa

oh and one more thing in 59days ill be back home with this fat guy =D

fredag 9 oktober 2009


i love fridays... <3

today was pretty pointless though... but those days r good too =)
i only had two lessons, so me and my friend went out for lunch.. chinese, it was good... i kept dropping stuff though I do that quite a lot, but its all good. i also took a stomach flu vaccine today.. so i couldnt eat or drink for 2 whole hours :O
im mena be studying right now cuz i dont really have tiem tomorrow.. but im watching tv. OH WELLS

this is how bored i look atm lol

torsdag 8 oktober 2009

october 8th 2009

i created this blog cuz my friends convinced to.
but i guess it's not a bad thing =D
although i always though blogs were a bit to exposing for me, but well see

my name is erika and im 19 years old
i live in sweden most of the time with my dad, but i also live with my mom in canada as much as i possibly can.
atm im finishing my last year of the ib diploma program and i truly hate it, good thing its almost over =)

bye for now.